فلنج عینکی (Spectacle Blind Flange)


Spectacle Blind Flange is one of the vital components in piping system which is used to connect pipes or other equipment. Due to its special structure and unique features, this type of flange is widely used in the transfer of various materials and fluids, the transfer of gas, oil and water, and even in the chemical and petrochemical industries. In this article, we discuss its structure, application, features, standards, and production material.

What is a Spectacle Blind Flange?

Spectacle flange has a non-perforated disc and a perforated disc that is placed between the pipes. It is usually made of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel or aluminum. The spectacle flange plays a fundamental role in industrial piping because it is used to open and close the fluid path.

Spectacle Blind Flange structure

Spectacle flange has two discs. Spade and Spacer are two members of spectacle flange, these components are commonly used to close, open and control the flow.

1. Spade: this piece is a metal disc that is placed directly between two pipes. This disk is without holes because it is used to close the pipe path. This mode is usually used for repairs or changes in the system.

2. Spacer: this disk is also a metal that is placed between two pipes and has a hole. According to its name, this piece has task is to pass fluids through the pipes.

فلنج عینکی (spade), آذین فورج
1) Spade

In general, Spade and Spacer are used as the main components of the spectacle blind flange to create blocked connections and control the flow conditions in piping systems.

2) Spacer

Application of Spectacle Blind Flange 

Spectacle blind flange is used as one of the important connections in various industries and has wide applications. Some of its main uses are:

1. Closing the pipes

2. Chemical and petrochemical industries

3. Oil and gas industries

4. Water and sewage

Spectacle Blind flange feature

1. Strong connection: Due to its special design, the spectacle flange establishes a strong and solid connection between two pieces of pipe.

2. Adjustable: The spectacle flange is adjustable and can be easily adjusted for the desired diameter and thickness of the pipe.

3. Resistance to pressure: Due to its special design, the spectacle flange has a high resistance to pressure and external forces and is not easily pressured.

4. Easy to use: Because of its simple and adjustable design, the spectacle flange is easy to use and no special expertise is needed to install it.

فلنج عینکی (spectacle blind flange)
3) Spectacle Flange (Class 1500, Size 1 inch, ASME B16.48)
فلنج عینکی (spectacle blind flange)
4) Spectacle Blind Flange

Standards and dimensions

Its standards are usually determined based on ASME B16.48 and API 590 standards. The dimensions of this type of flange are also determined based on these standards.

According to the ASME B16.48 standard, the dimensions of the flange are from 1/2 to 40 inches, and even the customer can request it as a custom order. contact AzinForge.

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Normally, the dimensions and specifications considered for the spectacle flange are as follows.

1. Internal diameter

2. Outer diameter

3. Diameter of the bore

4. Thickness

5. Width

6. Diameter of the screw holes

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