Disk Cutter Ring


Disk Cutter Ring is an important part in Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) which is used to dig in rock and soil. This ring usually has cutting blades on its edges that break and remove the material as the ring rotates.

This part is one of the critical components of TBM, because it directly affects the performance and efficiency of the machine and this ring should have durability, wear resistance and the ability to cut different types of rock and soil.


In general, the Disk Cutter Ring is very critical in TBM drilling projects, as it significantly affects the speed and efficiency of the drilling operation.

this part is one of the key components of Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) which is used to dig tunnels and underground buildings. The features of this tool in TBM are:

1. Pressure resistance:

Disk Cutter Ring must have high resistance to pressure and wear so that it can work in tough conditions of tunnel digging.

2. Suitable cutting diameter:

This tool should have a suitable cutting diameter for digging different tunnels and tunnels.

3. Long lifespan:

To reduce maintenance and replacement costs, the Disk Cutter Ring must have a long service life.

4. Interchangeability:

Some of these tools are quick and easy to change so that they can be replaced quickly in case of damage or wear.

5. Resistant structure:

The disk cutter ring must be made of durable and quality materials so that it can be adapted to the harsh conditions of tunnel digging.

6. Structure designed for cutting different materials:

this part should be suitable for cutting various materials such as stone, soil, limestone, etc.

7. Connection to TBM drilling systems:

This tool should be able to be connected and used centrally in TBM drilling systems.


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