threaded flange

Threaded Flange


A flange is a connecting piece for connecting pipes to each other, one of which is a Threaded Flange. In the continuation of this article, we will examine the characteristics, application, standards and types of raw materials for these flanges.

What is Threaded Flange?

As you can see in the picture below, a Threaded Flange is a type of flange that has threads inside its hole to connect to pipes, valves and other equipment. Also, the internal disk surface of this part can be produced as Flat Face (FF), Raised Face (RF) and Ring Type Joint (RTJ).

فلنج رزوه ای, شرکت آذین فورج

Threaded flange classes and sizes

Table of technical specifications of threaded flange based on ASME B16.5 standard

ClassSize (Inch)Face
150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 25001/2 to 24RTJ, RF

Table of technical specifications of threaded flange based on API 6A(6B) standard

Pressure in megapascals (class)Size (Inch)Face
13.8MPa (2000)
2+1/16 to 1/4+2
20.7MPa (3000)
2+1/16 to 3/4+20
34.5MPa (5000)2+1/16 to 11RTJ

Table of technical specifications of threaded flange based on EN standard

Nominal pressure (Bar)Size (Inch)Face
PN 2.5, PN 6
3/8 to 12RF
PN 10
3/8 to 24
PN 163/8 to 40RF
PN 25, PN 403/8 to 24RF
PN 63, PN 1003/8 to 6RF

Reference and source: Pipedata Pro version 14.0 software was used to prepare the above tables.

Threaded Flange Features

1- Thread: Due to the ribs inside the hole, it does not need welding and is screwed to the pipe.

2- Easy installation and maintenance

3. Tight and leak-free connection

Application of Threaded Flange

1- Oil and gas refinery: In the oil and gas industry, this type of flange is used to connect pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment to transfer fluids.

2- Chemical industries: In chemical industries, it is used to connect pipes and equipment.

3- Water and sewage industry: These flanges are usually used in urban water and sewage supply systems, treatment plants and other water and sewage facilities.

4- Power plant industries: In power plant industries, threaded flanges are used to connect pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment. So, these flanges are usually used in steam transmission systems, feed water and other power plant systems.

5- Building and construction: These flanges are usually used in water supply systems, heating systems and air conditioning systems.

In general, threaded flange can be used in any industry that needs to connect pipes and equipment.

The type of raw materials

1- Carbon Steel: ASTM A105, ASTM A350/LF2

2- Alloy Steel: ASTM A182, F1, F5, F9, F11, F17, F22

3- Stainless Steel: ASTM A182/F6, F304, F316, F321, F347, F348

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Some production standards in AzinForge

ASME B16.5 – ASME‌ B16.34 – ASME B36.10 – ASME b36.19 – MSS SP 6 – MSS SP 9 – MSS SP‌ 25 – NACE MR 0175 – ASTM A105 – ASTM A182 – ASTMA350

Advantages and Disadvantages


1. Easy installation and disassembly: Threaded flange allows for easy installation and disassembly of pipes and equipment due to its threads.

2. Tight and seamless connection: Using a threaded flange to connect pipes and equipment to each other creates a tight and seamless connection that prevents leakage and penetration of liquids.

3. Easy replacement and repair: This type of flange allows quick and easy replacement and repair of equipment.


1. Limitation in pressure and temperature: threaded flange may have less resistance in high pressures and temperatures.

2. Limitation in size: This type of flange may be available in more limited sizes and may not be suitable for larger fittings.

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