what is a flange?
Flanges are important parts in the plumbing industry that are used to connect two pieces of pipe or pipe to other equipment. They are made circular or rectangular and have a hole in the middle through which the pipe passes. Flanges can be attached to pipes or equipment by bolting or welding.

In addition to connecting pipes, flanges have some other features. They can be used to adjust the direction and angle of the pipes and also act as a suspension point for the pipes. Also, flanges can withstand high pressure and heat and prevent leakage.

Flanges are used as a reliable and strong connection between pipes and equipment in the industry and play a very important role in the correct operation and safety of piping systems.

Different types of flanges are designed to suit different needs in the industry. Some of its types are: WELD NECK FLANGE، LONG WELD NECK FLANGE، SLIP ON FLANGE، SOCKET WELD FLANGE، BLIND FLANGE، LAP JOINT FLANGE، THREADED FLANGE، TONGUE AND GROOVE FLANGES،RAISED FACE FLANGES، FLAT FACE FLANGES،RING TYPE JOINT FLANGES and MALE AND FEMALE FLANGES. Each type of flange has special features and characteristics that are suitable for different needs according to manufacturing standards in the industry.

Weld Neck Flange, ولدنک فلنج (AzinForge)

Weld Neck Flange

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