Weld Neck Flange (CL-1500-RTJ-2″)

Welded neck flange (WN-RTJ), class 1500, size 2 inches, manufacturing standard ASME B16.5

Weld Neck Flange (CL-1500-RTJ-2″) is a 2″ diameter flange that is produced for pipes with an internal diameter of 2″. Weld Neck flanges (Class 1500) are designed to withstand higher-pressure compared to lower class flanges such as 900, 600 and are usually used in applications that require higher-pressure resistance. Class 1500 for the weld neck flange is equal to the nominal pressure (PN) of 250 bar. Also, according to class 1500, the minimum pressure tolerance is 430 psi and the maximum pressure is 3705 psi.


1. Neck: The weld neck flange has a long neck or throat to connect to the pipe through welding.

2. Bore: The Weld Neck Flange (CL-1500-RTJ-2″) has a central hole to connect to the pipe.

3. Pressure and temperature: This flange can withstand 3705 psi pressure if the temperature is less than 37 degrees Celsius, and if the temperature is around 537 degrees Celsius, the highest-pressure that can be tolerated is 430 psi.

4. Nominal pressure (PN): 250Bar

5. Materials: carbon steel, alloy and stainless steel

6. Application: oil and gas, petrochemical, power plant and chemical industries

When selecting a flange, including a Weld Neck Flange (Class 1500), factors such as pipe size, material compatibility, temperature and pressure requirements must be considered. To ensure that the flange is suitable for your intended application, consult with experts and engineers in the field or relevant industry standards and guidelines such as ASME B16.5 are necessary.

Technical Specifications:

Size: 2 inches

Class: 1500

Thickness: 80 mm

Surface Type: Ring Type Joint (RTJ)

Standard: ASME B16.5


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