Long WeldNeck flange (CL-300-RTJ-1″)

Long WeldNeck flange, class 300, size 1 inch, standard production: ASME B16.5

Long WeldNeck flange (CL-300-RTJ-1″), also known as LWN. This flange has a neck and hub long, which makes it easy to connect to the pipe. For this reason, it is used in situations where the pipe needs to be insulated and must be away from the ground. The long weldneck flange (CL-300-RTJ-1″) is also equivalent to the nominal pressure (PN) of 50 bar. They are usually used in high-pressure and high-temperature applications such as oil and gas, petrochemical industries.

Also, the dimensions and specifications of Long Weld Neck (LWN) Flange may be different according to the type of use. For this purpose, standards such as: ASME B16.5 or API 6A are used to ensure the correct selection of dimensions and specifications. Before using flanges, it is better to consult with engineers and experts in this area.


1. Long neck: The neck of this flange is longer compared to Weld Neck (WN) Flange. This longer neck provides greater strength and reduces tension at the flange-to-pipe junction.

2. Uniform transmission: The long neck of this flange allows a gradual transition from the flange to the pipe. This ensures uniform fluid flow and minimizes turbulence, which can be used in applications High pressure or high speed is useful.

3. Welding ability: extended flange neck, enough space for welding Provide. This allows Create stronger and safer welds between the flange and the pipe and achieve a tight connection to prevent leakage.

4. Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy

5- Nominal pressure (PN): 50 Bar

Technical specifications of the product:

Size: 1 inch (25 mm)

Class: 300

Standard: ASME B16.5

Length: 150 mm


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