SlipOn Flange (CL_300_RF_2″)

Slip-On Flange (RF), Class 300, Size 2 inches, Standard Manufacture: ASME B16.5

SlipOn Flange (CL_300_RF_2″) is a type of flange that, after welding on its inner edges, is placed directly on pipes or other equipment. It has a small, straight and simple ball that extends from the surface of the flange and is used to align the flange with the pipe. Slip On Flange (RF) is popular due to its easy installation and easy access for maintenance or inspection. These flanges are suitable for connections that require more flexibility. They are usually used in low-pressure applications and are available in different sizes and materials to suit different piping systems.


1. Easy installation: Slip On flanges are easily installed on pipes and do not require welding or complicated connections.

2. Replaceability: This type of flange is easily replaceable and can be replaced without causing problems.

3. Wide use: SlipOn Flange (CL_300_RF_2″) are used for connecting pipes and industrial equipment in various industries.

4. Strong design: This type of flange has a strong and reliable design that prevents leakage and damage in connections.

5. Resistance to pressure and heat: Slip On flange has good resistance to pressure and heat and can perform well in harsh industrial conditions.

6. Adjustability: This type of flange allows the direction and position of connections to be adjusted, and this helps to set the connections more accurately.

7. Lower cost: Installation and maintenance of Slip On flange is less expensive than other pipe connection methods.

Technical specifications of the product:

Name: Slip On Flange

Standard: ASME B16.5

Size: 2 inches

Class: 300

Surface Type: Raised Face (RF)

Material: A350 LF2

Length: 150 mm


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