Socket Weld Flange (CL-300-1″)

Socket Weld (SW) Flange, Class 300, Size 1 inches, Thickness 80 mm, ASME B16.5

Socket Weld Flange (CL-300-1″) is a piece for connecting to pipes and equipment in the piping system which is usually used in refineries, power plants and other industries. This flange has a recess on which there is a lip for placing the pipe. For this reason, the pipe goes a little into the Socket Weld Flange (SW) and is fixed there and then welded to it. Therefore, socket weld flange can provide a tight and leak-free connection. According to class 300 in the desired socket weld flange, the maximum tolerable temperature is 740 psi and the minimum tolerable temperature is 85 psi.


1. Socket: socket weld flange (CL-300-1″) has a socket for placing the pipe on it, which is connected to the pipe by welding.

2. Pressure and temperature:
This flange can withstand 740 psi pressure if the temperature is less than 37 degrees Celsius, and if the temperature is around 537 degrees Celsius, the highest pressure that can be tolerated is 85 psi.

3. Nominal pressure (PN): 50 Bar

4. Materials:
carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy

5- Application: Oil and gas, petrochemical, power plant and chemical industries

When choosing a flange, including a Socket Weld flange, you should consider factors such as pipe size, material compatibility, temperature and required pressure. To ensure that the above flange is suitable for your intended application, consult with experts and engineers in this field or relevant industry standards and guidelines such as ASME B16.5 are necessary.

Technical Specifications

Size: 1 inch (approx 25 mm)

Class (pressure): 300

Thickness: 80 mm

Standard: ASME B16.5


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