Blind Flange (CL-900-RTJ-2″)

Blind flange (BL-RTJ), class 900, size 2 inches, Material: A105, ASME B16.5 standard

Blind Flange is a type of industrial part that is used to close the ends of pipelines in the piping system. This flange can be used for the repair and maintenance of pipelines. The Blind Flange (CL-900-RTJ-2″) has the highest pressure tolerance up to 1480 pounds per square inch (psi). also, It can be said that class 900 is approximately equivalent to the nominal pressure (PN) of 150 bar. This flange has not a hole and its purpose is to prevent the passage of liquids.


1- Absence of bore: Blind Flange (CL-900-RTJ-2″) is used to close the ends of pipelines and equipment in the piping system.

2. Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy

3- Application: oil and gas, petrochemical, power plant and chemical industries

4- Pressure and temperature: The highest-pressure for blind flange (class 900) is equal to 2220 psi if the temperature is less than 37 centigrade, and if the temperature is 537 centigrade, the pressure tolerance is equal to 255 psi.

5. Nominal pressure (PN): 150 Bar

Technical Specifications:

1- Standard: ASME B16.5

2- Size: 2 inches (approximately equivalent to 76.2 mm)

3- class (pressure): 900

4- Material: ASTM A105

5- Surface type: Ring Type Joint (RTJ)

6- Weight: Almost 10 kg

7- Bolts & Nuts: Approximately 5.6 kg


جهت مشاوره، سفارش فلنج کور کلاس 900 (اندازه 2 اینچ) و استعلام قیمت آن با متخصصان ما در واحد فروش تماس بگیرید.

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