Weldneck Flange (CL-300-1″)

Weldneck Flange (RF), 1 inch, Class 300, ASME B16.5 Manufacturing Standard

Weldneck flange (CL-300-1″) is a type of flange with work class 300. The class 300 on the flange means the working pressure, which specifies how much pressure it can withstand. This value expresses the pressure in pounds per square inch. which is used to connect pipes to faucet or other equipment. This type of flange has a neck that is welded directly to the end of the pipe, which makes it a strong and stable point. These flanges are typically used in applications that require high-pressure or high-temperatures.


The features of weldneck flange are:

1. Sturdy design: The welded neck flange has a welded neck that is directly welded to the end of the pipe, which makes it a strong and stable point.

2. Pressure resistance: Due to the solid and directly welded structure, these flanges have high-pressure resistance.

3. Heat resistance: Weldneck flanges are usually designed for high-temperature applications and have high heat resistance.

4. Permanent connection: The weldneck flange (CL-300-1″) has a permanent connection, which is suitable for applications that require high strength and stability.

Technical specifications of the product:

Dimensions: 8 inches 1 inch

Class: 300 psi

Surface Type: Raised Face (RF)

Construction standard: ASME B16.5 ( A105N)

materials: Carbon steel, Alloy steel and Stainless steel


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