Spectacle Blind Flange (CL-2500-RTJ-8″)

Spectacle blind flange | Class 2500 | Size 8 inches | Material A105 | ASME B16.48 standard

Spectacle Blind Flange (CL-2500-RTJ-8″) is suitable for connection to 8″ pipe and also has a Ring Type Joint (RTJ) inner surface. As you know, Spectacle Blind Flange is one of the most important connections in the piping system. According to the mentioned specifications, this flange is used for applications with high-pressures.


Spade disc: one of the spectacle flange discs in the form of Blind Flange (BL), which is used to close the flow in the piping system.

2. Spacer disc: It means a spacer, a disc that has a hole in it and its use is to open the flow of fluids.

3. Adjustable: The spectacle flange can be adjusted to open or close the fluid path.

4. Pressure and temperature: In the Spectacle Blind Flange (CL-2500-RTJ-8″) can withstand a pressure of 6170psi if the temperature is below 37°C, and if the temperature is around 537°C, the highest-pressure that can be tolerated is 715psi.

5. Nominal pressure (PN): 420 Bar

6. Materials: carbon steel, alloy and stainless steel

When choosing a flange, including a spectacle blind flange, you should consider factors such as pipe size, material compatibility, temperature and required pressure. To ensure the suitability of the above flange for your intended application, consult with experts and engineers in the field or relevant industry standards and guidelines such as ASME B16.48 are necessary.

Technical Specifications

Name: Spectacle Blind Flange

Size: 8 inches (203 mm)

class: 2500

Material: ASTM A105

Surface Type: Ring Type Joint (RTJ)

Standard: ASME B16.48


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