Tie Rod End L90

Product Name: Tie Rod End L90 | Construction method: Forge | Uses: Car suspension and steering system

Tie Rod End L90 is an important part of the car suspension system, which is connected to the Steering Knuckle on one side and to the Steering Rack on the other side. so that the car can be steered correctly and the driving control is optimal. In order to prevent damage, this part must be periodically visited by a mechanic. AzinForge Company manufactures Tie Rod End in bulk and with very high quality and provides it to customers. To inquire about the price and also to buy the above product, please contact the sales department.

The components of Tie Rod End:

1- Trunk | 2-Dust collector | 3-Pin wing | 4-Bolts and nuts

Technical Specifications:

Product Name: Tie Rod End L90

Manufacturing method: forging

Uses: Car suspension and steering system

Material type: alloy steel


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