Blind Flange (CL-150-RF-24″)

Blind flange (BL), Raisd Face (RF), Class 150, Size 24 inches, ASME B16.5 standard

Blind flange is a type of part that is used to close the ends of pipelines in the piping system. This flange is used for the maintenance of pipelines. The Blind Flange (CL-150-RF-24″) has a pressure tolerance of up to 285 pounds per square inch (psi). Also, class 600 is equivalent to nominal pressure (PN) of 20 bar. This flange has not a hole flange that is used to prevent the passage of liquids, gas, etc.


1- Absence of holes: Blind Flange (CL-150-RF-24″) are used to close the ends of pipelines and equipment in the piping system.

2. Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy

3- Application: oil and gas, petrochemical, power plant and chemical industries

Pressure and temperature: at a temperature of 37 centigrade, the pressure tolerance of class 150 for blind flange (BL) at a temperature of 37 centigrade is equal to 285psi, and also at a temperature of 537 centigrade, the pressure tolerance for this class is 20psi.

5- Nominal pressure (PN): 20 Bar

Technical Specifications:

1- Standard: ASME B16.5

2- Size: 24 inches (approximately equivalent to 609.6 mm)

3- Class (pressure): 150

5- Surface type: Raised Face (RF)

5- Weight: Almost 196 kg

6- Bolts & Nuts: Almost 35.65 kg


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